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  • Nokia 6230 firmware

    Does anyone know where you can get the firmware of the 6230 updated? I've been told the Cingular stores can't do it and you can't do it yourself since Nokia doesn't publically release the firmware. So yeah, do you have to take it to a Nokia retail store? If so, any idea where one of these might be in the US? I know of none locally, so can it be sent to them to do it?

    Hmmm...just wondering since my phone has been acting up lately. Also it won't read the 1 gig MMC card I bought. I figured the newer firmware might help with compatibility issues. It also reboots itself every so often for no apparent reason. It's very rare, but annoying. Even more rarely it will say my SIM card failed to register or something like that and won't get a signal. I can turn it off and back on and it'll work fine. Just minor annoyances....well besides the MMC card not reading. That's $75 worth of annoyance right there.

    Any help will be appreciated. It works great with Phone Control, just minor stuff.

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    Try calling cingular customer service a few times and asking different people. I had this problem with motorola phones, and eventually I got an employee who knew his head from his ***. Rafster (mp3car user) is one such cingular employee, so he may be able to help you, drop him a PM.
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      Hey, I actually just got off the phone with Nokia a couple of hours ago. I was having a problem with my data connectivity suite and my 6230. They are actually a pleasure to talk to on the phone. I called at aound 2:00PM. THey answered in about 5min.

      Call them, ask them if there is a newer firmware for your phone. If you don't know how to check what firrmware you have, from the main screen press: *#0000#

      here is a site that gives you a listing of the newest firmware for most of the Nokia Phones.

      6230 5.24 11/03/2005

      Also feel free to check this out:

      Hope this helps.


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        Yes, as above, generally if its within the wrnty period u can just take the phone into a service center and they will do it while u wait. Remember to bckup any data first as they tend to wipe your data !!

        current V is 5.24 which seems to have improoved BT connectivity.

        Hope this helps
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          My phone came with version 4.43 of the firmware. I'll try calling around tomorrow in the daytime. Thanks for the info. I know mine was having trouble with bluetooth connections. I was trying to transfer some files over to a friend's 6230 and it kept failing after a minute or so. Btw, any way to speed up the file transfer speeds? It seems like it is very freaking slow. For instance I sent a mp3 over to another friend's Motorola v551 and it took probably half and hour. At least her phone had a progress bar, the 6230 is sorely missing that on transfers.

          Anyways, I'll get back with ya'll.


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            If you're not near a Nokia service center, you'll have to mail it to them to get it done. For faster service, there's a person named "chippery9" on HowardForums who upgrades nokia firmwares. I think 5.24 is in fact the latest, but he would know for sure. The reason I like having him do it is that he'll put the unbranded firmware on your phone, if for whatever reason you'd like to get rid of the Cingular branding (if yours is in fact from Cingular).

            On the slow BT transfers, yes, when using whatever profile the 6230 normally uses for file transfer, it's dog slow. I think that's the "file transfer" profile. There is also an "object push" profile that can be used, but you have to use the Windows XP built-in send a file to another device UI that appears in your system tray when you have an IR or BT connection to another device. It's much

            Oh, as far as I know, Cingular no longer has any techs in their stores. They got rid of them about a year ago, so no more on-site firmware upgrades.