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D-Link DBT120 ver. B4 problems?

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  • D-Link DBT120 ver. B4 problems?


    This FAQ only applies to DBT-120 revision B4 units with a MAC Address that starts with 0011.

    I just wanted to share this with everyone incase you had the same problem I did.

    I bought this BT device retail, forgot my cd and kept getting some stupid licensing pop-up error every 1 minute.

    It took me 2 hours to find the solution on D-Links website. I asked that they move this link to the DBT-120 support site, but that might make too much sence.

    Anyway, If you are running XP/home/pro with SP1 and are having problems connecting your DBT-120 ver B4 bluetooth usb device, check this out!!

    Incase the link goes bad, here is the content minus pics.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

    What do I do if I get error message Valid security code not found. or Your Bluetooth Software license does not include use with this Bluetooth device [6] after installing the Bluetooth software?

    Note: This FAQ only applies to DBT-120 revision B4 units with a MAC Address that starts with 0011.

    Step 1 Uninstall the current software for the DBT-120 in Add/Remove Programs.

    Step 2 Click here to download an updated driver.

    Step 3 Remove Bluetooth inactive devices from the Device Manager.

    Show Hidden Devices
    A. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories and then click Command Prompt.
    B. Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 in the Command Prompt and then press Enter.
    C. Type cd \Windows\system32 in the Command Prompt and then press Enter.
    D. Type start devmgmt.msc in the Command Prompt and then press Enter.
    E. Click View > Show hidden devices. This will display devices that are not connected to your computer.
    F. When you are finished troubleshooting, close the Device Manager.
    G. Type exit in the Command Prompt

    The above instructions can be found at

    Note: During Step E you will need to go into the different ports and delete all the grayed out Bluetooth devices.

    Step 4 Remove all Bluetooh Devices.

    Step 5 Reboot your computer.

    Step 6 Install the v3.5 Setup for the device that you downloaded in Step 2.

    Step 7 Force the D-Link driver to replace the Microsoft default driver.
    Go to System Properties and open the Device Manager.
    Go to Bluetooth Radios and right-click on the generic driver.
    Select Update Driver
    Select No, not at this time

    Step 8 Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and then lick Next.

    Step 9 Select Donít search. I will choose the driver to install and then click Next.

    Step 10 Select the D-Link driver and then click Next.

    Step 11 Click Finish.

    After the driver update double-click Bluetooth Places. This will begin a wizard that will walk you through the setup of your Bluetooth devices.
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    Update to above post.

    The information posted above was great, but the link did not come through on the site where you can get the driver. So here is the actual site that I found the documenation at.

    And if you want to go straight to the download here it is.

    This driver is not on their website under the dbt120 drivers.

    Hope this helps anyone else struggling with this device.