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Why would my lilliput IR mod interfere with my bluetooth dongle?

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  • Why would my lilliput IR mod interfere with my bluetooth dongle?

    Here's something i truly dont understand. I was having a problem installing my bluetooth dongle in my car. It worked fine on work pc and home pc. This morning i unplugged all usb and serial plugs and installed it. Now it works fine. I've tracked the problem down to my lilliput IR mod thats plugged into the serial port on my epia 800. If that serial cable is plugged in the bluetooth makes the computer unresponsive or doesnt work at all. Why would that have an impact? As far as i know the serial connection of the IR mod is dedicated to com 1 and bluetooth connections have they're own com ports. Baud rate is different between the serial and bluetooth connection. My serial cable is unshielded but i dont think thats it cause sometimes my dongle wont even show up as a device half the time with they are both plugged in. Anyone shed any light on this ??? I'd hate to give up my lilli mod cause thats the only way i control my pc (touchscreenless at the moment). Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Why don't you temporary "black tape" cover the Lilliput Ir "eye" to see if it is really cause by interference. I don't think so, but it worth a 10 second try.
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