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Philidelphia city wide wifi

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  • Philidelphia city wide wifi

    Philidelphia city wide wifi

    You guys in PA are lucky. A firm wants broadband to first be city wide, and second be affordable. If all our ISP's could do this there would be no such thing as wardriving.

    Many of us probably remember signing up for AOL with different names to get those free hours several times, or a few friends sharing a single dial-up account. Once it was a reasonable cost we all got our own. It would be the same of wifi if there was some sort of initiative other than profit in mind. Sure profits are to be made and business is business, but part of business is supposed to improve life, options and opportunity isn't it?

    Anyone in Phily, please let me know what you have heard about this.

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    Originally posted by Stacker
    .....if there was an initiative other than profit in mind.....
    thats funny...
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      ill stick to wardriving for now
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