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Getting Online with the Sprint Treo.

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  • Getting Online with the Sprint Treo.

    I decided to start a new post on how to connect to Sprint using their Sprint Vision plan and a cheap Treo 300 cell phone. According to Sprint with their Vision plan the data portion is unlimited.

    My display on my Toshiba cell phone cracked and I decided to check out an entry level pda/cell phone. On EBAY I found a Treo 300 for $85. You can use the 270/300/600 or 650 for what Iíll be explaining. Stay away from the Treo 600 as I heard they are very buggy and that is the reason why the 650 came out so fast as a replacement for the 600.

    If you do buy a used Treo, either take it to a sprint store and have them set it up, or call tech support by dialing #*2. (You can use any Sprint phone that doesnít have service to call their tech support by doing the *2 option.) They prefer you not to use the phone youíll be programming.

    I found the tech support phone guys to be lacking. The first lady I talked to didnít know squat and made me wait 4 hours before I could touch my phone after she so called ďprogrammed itĒ. The 2nd person I talked to had my up and running instantly. If your phone canít make a call by the time you get of the phone with tech support then it isnít setup right. Call them back and make sure they verify all numbers.

    Also make sure they verify the HA numbers, so that you can get online. This is under Preferences, Networks, Details. If they donít verify these numbers, you wonít be able to connect.

    Getting on the Sprint Network can be a little tricky at first. When you first setup your original sprint plan you have a password for your phone, and you have a password for their website. So you actually have 2 passwords that may be confusing when trying to connect to their networks using your phone. Your username would be . Your password could be either of the 2.

    I found this one program to be awesome for connecting any PC running Win98 SE or higher. Itís called PdaNet. The program itself is $35. It does come with a 15 day free trial period. What it does is turns your Treo into a high speed cell phone modem. And by high speeds Iím talking a minimum of 150KBS connection speed. All you have to do is connect your USB cradle cable into the pc and into the Treo. Click the PdaNet icon on your Treo and your PC will instantly tell your connected.

    Anywhere you have cell phone signal, you can jump online and check your email, browse the web, be on AIM etc. Itís amazingly fast. I was really blown away. You can download the software here:

    So I hope this little article helps you guys out there get connected. Any questions let me know.