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Wireless Broadband hack?

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  • Wireless Broadband hack?

    I had wireless broadband through a antenna on the roof of my house. I recently had the account closed because I'm moving..... But it still works perfectly except the email account connected to the service is closed. I'm really confused am I picking up from the tower broadcasting or is the antenna picking up my neighbor wireless connection? I pick up my neighbors connection very low signal until I connect to the antenna on the roof then it's excellent.
    Is broadband like tv where as long as the antenna is there you'll receive service?
    Anyone know?

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    haha if it works, leave it alone. Its pretty sweet that we live in an day where you can likely just put up an antenna and get free broadband.


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      LOL... You are probably connecting to a neighbor.

      I have people that I go over to fix their PC and noticed that they were connected to the neighbors unsecure connection all this time since they paid for their service 2 years ago.

      They never used their connection and was paying for it too. LOL...

      It's like paying for the internet and not hooking it up. This is what a lot of people that don't know anything about computers are doing.

      I hope you weren't doing the same thing.


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        Please do not discuss illegal actions on the forums.

        I know this happened by accident, but mp3car does not want to get into any trouble due to illegal things being discussed.
        Never let the truth get in the way of a good story