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USB wireless now not working

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  • USB wireless now not working

    My wireless usb adapter now does not work connecting to my router, the MAC address is allowed and nothing else should be stopping it but it just comes up with limited or no connectivity and repair doesnt fix it cause it cant renew its ip address. I can connect to someone else's wireless network who must live on my road but as good as it is for free internet its not helping me transfer my files from pc to pc

    Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?

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    I had a similar problem with my Linksys USB adapter hooked up to my carpc. The weird thing was that I didn't have a problem when the router was not encrypted but as soon as I encrypted it I got the problem. It is very difficult to advise you on what the exact problem is with your system without knowing oodles of info, plus I'm no network expert either.

    However, I managed to resolve my problem by uninstalling the software for the Linksys adapter and making sure that the adapter/driver was removed in Device Manager. Rebooting, plugging in the adapter and installing the Linksys driver and then relying on Windows Zero Wireless to sort out the connection fixed the problem. At least then I could get an internet connection but that didn't solve another network problem I had with my desktop, but that's another story that might not be relevant. Not sure if this will help you but you never know. Good luck.
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      Maybe wep settings are turned on for your router. Then you would need to get a wep key generated by your router for your carpc. You would need to get into the router for that. Dont know which router you got but for most, you type in and then press enter in internet explorer. Hope that helped.


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        I had the same problem too. I setup my XP with different login user. With completely identical setup, one user can get wi-fi connection but when switched to another user, the wi-fi connection become limited or no connection at all.