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Anyone here from Canada? What is the best mobile internet solution for Canadians?

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  • Anyone here from Canada? What is the best mobile internet solution for Canadians?

    Hi all, I haven't really posted here much but I have been reading the forum off an on for a couple of years. Is there anyone on this board from Canada who knows the scoop on the mobile internet services. Just recently I have become more interested in mobile internet. Currently I have been contemplating getting a UT Starcome 6700 through the Telus EVDO 1X ready network. So that while I am on the road at work with my father I can do some stock market studying. But by the looks of the rates and connection plans, you barley get to do anything besides email.

    The $100/month is supposed to be unlimited at about 500 emails/day, around 250 MB and heavy web surfing usage. But what I cannot figure out is why a cheaper plan around $40/month only gives the user about 8MB of usage. How do they go from 8 MB at $40/month to 250 MB at $100/month.

    I even thought about getting an air card, but according to one of the salesmen who actually uses one of the UT Starcoms, getting an air card would be highway robbery as one person actually recieved a bill of $8000 for using her unlimited mobile internet plan too much. Telus ate the bill because they didn't tell here that unlimited usage is really unlimited. WTF?

    Does anyone know of any type of plan through one of the Canadian service providers that is actually affordable. I mean seriously, who besides CEO's and High profile businessmen or athletes can actually afford mobile internet at these rates. I might as well get one of those mobile satillite dishes for my vehicle, as it is almost as cheap, and it would probably be more reliable.

    Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure. I hear Bell is launching 3G soon. The air card they have now is capable of it.
    I'm dying to find a solution for myself too. Nothing seems to be reasonably priced.


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      I used to have $50/month FIDO unlimited but I got rid of it b/c I didn't use it enough. I'm not sure if they still offer the plan...


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        Hey guys thanks for replying. My father and I just signed up for a plan with UT Starcom computer phone. As of right now the both of us are still unsure what the costs are. I think that she signed us up for a data plan that is around $40/month for 8 MB. But the first three months are unlimited and we are going to see what this unlimited service actually allows you to do.

        As far as surfing the net, I haven't done much yet, only visited this site for a few minutes. The speed isn't blistering by any means, but I am about 15 to 20 Km out of Calgary and I am getting wireless internet which is unreal. Plus I imagine if the phone was plugged into a laptop and used as a modem it would be a little faster. I already have Platinum wireless internet, but I cannot take it wherever I want, because it is a small satellite that picks up a signal from an antenna close by. So if this unlimited internet option through this phone, or even an Air card (which the sales lady said would have a better price per month) is just as fast when plugged into a laptop, and competative in terms of price. I will probably cancel the Platiunum wirelss internet I have in my house.

        Keeping my fingers crossed that the next three months of tinkering with this phone and being able to hook it up to a laptop will be worth it.


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          I've used the rogers edge and telus services both.

          They're both pretty useless and monstrously expensive.

          rogers doesnt have any unlimited plans, their biggest is $100, and you can blow through that in a couple of hours, no problem. Extra megabites are always astronomically priced, so be prepared for massive bills.

          I've set it up for a few people, and everyone always ends up cancelling it, its just not useful enough for what it costs.

          I cant wait till EVDO. that's a completely different ballgame. I'll pay whatever they ask for an unlimited account