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Anyone try this Hawking adapter?

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  • Anyone try this Hawking adapter?

    Looking for a good wireless adapter with good range.....I read a lot about people recommending Hawking stuff, but never saw any mention of the HWU54DM.

    Anyone ever try this puppy:

    Here's a brief snippet from the page:
    "The HWU54DM is designed to connect your desktop computer or laptop easily to any Wireless-B or Wireless-G network via a USB connection. Hawking’s Hi-Gain TM Antenna technology extends wireless connection distances by up to 300%. The HWU54DM is equipped with a swivel-and-rotate 5dBi Hi-Gain directional patch antenna to concentrate your wireless signal directly towards the source or your wireless network, avoiding the interference obtained from laptop components. This results in faster connection speeds and a significant increase in wireless distance when compared to similar wireless devices on the market."

    If it in fact gets you 5dBi gain, that's not too bad for a USB adapter.


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    hawking makes a nice usb one, with a seperate base & a dirrectional antenna mounted to the top of it..... that one is awsome because if you take it apart the top directional antenna connects to the board with a connector that is exactly the same as a laptops built in wifi card antenna plug..... what this translates to is it is real easy to get a pigtail & add an external antenna to that one......

    the drawback to the one you showed is that the antenna is built in, which will decrease the range as opossed to an external antenna.... 5dbi gain?.... I don't know about that.....
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      Ah, you must be referring to this one:

      If so, that was the one I was looking at initially, then came across the other one.....I didn't realize that the top antenna could be taken apart though.

      Yeah, I was pretty skeptical after reading the "5dbi gain" part from the first link I posted. Hell, this one here has "6dbi gain" can it only be 1dbi when this one has an external antenna?? Sounds like some fishy marketing to me!

      Anyway, if this is the one you're referring to, it sounds pretty good....and apparently can be had for ~$60, so that's not too bad either.


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        Hawking is notorious for overstating the gain on their antenna. My 6dbi Hawking antenna has less range than my 4dbi DLink one.
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          yeah, but the one that you can use an external antenna is pretty nice setup....
          MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

          first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D