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Verizon wireless broadband and wifi phone

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  • Verizon wireless broadband and wifi phone

    I am looking into the possibility of using the following combination in my carpc, wanted to share with everyone and ask a question.

    Currently have the Verizon PC5740 PCMCIA broadband modem with unlimited access plan.

    Stumbled upon this:

    VonageŽ WiFi Phone
    From UTStarcom

    The UTStarcom F1000 WiFi Phone is a pocket-sized, wireless Internet phone that uses Vonage service by connecting to wireless Internet access points worldwide, also known as WiFi hotspots. It's an easy way to bring your Vonage service anywhere.

    Im thinking it would be a pretty cool set up since I have the unlimited access plan thru verizon wireless already, vonage will have caller id ect thru the desktop software, and by using the wi-fi vonage phone, i would virtually have unlimited calling anytime I am in my car (just like cellular) and would also be able to use it at the airport, home, and other wi-fi spots.

    Now I have a stupid question?

    The only networks I have set up are where you plug the hub into the ethernet cord from your cable modem. Since there is no hard line (ethernet cord) how do you hook up the wi-fi broadcaster or wireless hub?

    I am running a laptop with the pcmcia verizon card as the modem, Is there a simple usb adapter that will plug in to my laptop and broadcast the wi-fi signal? or are the usb adapters only wi-fi receivers?? SOrry if this is a dumb question. Looking to see if it is possible to broadcast a wi-fi signal from the verizon broadband service in my vehicle, and if it is, what would be the cheapest and smallest option?

    thanks in advance.

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    The wireless cards can be USB or PCMIA cards. So which ever is better for you. As far as setting it up, it isn't that difficult. The process has pretty much dummy proofed, so it is mostly PnP. Now to share the internet connection, XP has ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) that should work. I personally haven't used ICS before, so I do not know how well it works. A few other people on here have complained about it and made suggestions of other programs to use to accomplish the same thing. Let us know how it works. It seems interesting.
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      Maybe something like this is what you're after?

      And a link to the single board 486 it's built off of.


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        I just got one of these routers.... YOU NEED ONE MAN.... these are really cool... free up your pcmcia for a usb2.0 4 port card & by the time your pc is booted your online... through your ethernet jack.... your car is also a hotspot at that point..... use a network hardrive enclosure (I'm using the netgear storage station) & you can add pc's at will, free up some system resources..... it's awsome for this type of stuff.... vonage is just one of the benifits.... $250 ain't bad for what you get I think.....
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          I guess it wasnt a stupid question. It is more complicated then I thought. Oh well. The link to the router was pretty cool, but more than I want to spend now. i have phone control and bluetooth with Cingular SLVR phone. It works well, just thought it would be cool to use the vonage wi-fi phone in the car with the verizon broadband internet card. In time cheap or free technology will allow that. thanks