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Bluetooth keyless entry system?

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  • Bluetooth keyless entry system?

    Where can I find a Bluetooth car unit with the ability to detect my Bluetooth enabled phone and unlock the car when my phone is in range? I read about something like that on another thread, however, I don't see anything on eBay..and custom shops I've talked to about it say they haven't seen any products that do that on the market yet.

    If anyone has any information about where to buy this system...or if you actually have something like this installed, please stand up.

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    I just wanted to mention that I do not have a CarPC installed in my car...that's why I'm asking about the existence of a standalone Bluetooth security unit like I described. My car came with a factory nav/LCD, so I just took the low-tech route and simply bought a dvd player, tv tuner, and rear cam for my car that I can view on my factory LCD screen. Been installed for the past 2 years and I'm not really interested in ever upgrading to a CarPC with this car. Maybe next time...


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        Control car through mobile phone with bluetooth.

        I am working alone in this field, and i have implemented a midlet in j2me for java phones that could detect when you are near the car and open the doors also possibility for start the engine an a lot of other things.
        I also have the hardware that must be used at car. If someone is interested to enlarge this project please feel free to contact me.


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          this eckey looks cool but no pricing or availability information on the site, any ideas on either?


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            This would be awesome, as I'm planning on going with a push-button starter in my car, without a key/barrel/lock, to use in conjunction with my Viper alarm...
            The car already has immobilization (chipped key) that it reads before allowing the car to start. Of course, the Viper uses a chip itself to by-pass this for remote starting...
            Instead of a phone, maybe a 'smart card' that unlocks/disarms the car on approach, and locks/arms upon departure?


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              All cars with push button starters still require keys to be inserted into a barrel/lock to start.

              There are keyless entry systems on the market that do what you want, I have one of the Compustar systems that do it. However it's not bluetooth, it's a radio signal but works the same and is about $200.
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                All cars with AFTERMARKET push-buttons require a key to be put in the barrel-lock (if you haven't bypassed it)

                New cars do not require any key to be inserted, it can be in your pocket and you can start the car. The only reason for having the key is if the RFID, that makes all this possible, fails you can still get-in and use your vehicle with the key the old fashioned way.

                Good luck with this project though, I'll keep an eye on it! You may want to look into a custom DIY RFID setup if you've got the time.


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                  I'm not BUYING a car that's push button start Maheriano...I'm building it. And as such, I can have it setup any way I want eh! lol
                  I'm going to remove the key barrel altogether. The Viper already has a 'pill' that's programmed with the keys RFID and is powered up upon starting...
                  All I want to add is a walkup feature that automatically disarms the car without me having to push the keyfob...


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                    If the key already has an RFID chip, maybe there's a way to use that and expand upon it. For instance, I imagine that your car recognizes the key when it's in range. If this were true, maybe there was a way to figure out if it does anything once it realizes the key is around (ie: power alarm, get car ready to start, etc.). I don't know too much about it, but it might be something that a few tests with a voltmeter might get you.

                    I'd have to look into a little more with how that model of viper works. But in reality, this could possibly be easier than the bluetooth method.


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                      OEM transponders have a very, very limited range - making it unpractical to use the OEM transponder with aftermarket systems. You'll be lucky to get it to read a signal past 3".


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                        You guys are forgetting the multiple uses of the standard blade key. It not only allows the lock cylinder to turn, starting the engine, but it does other things as well. It also releases the steering wheel lock so you can turn you wheel. Also, in newer models, it allows you to take the vehicle out of park via a cable or switch connected to an electronic solenoid. Just some more things to consider when trying to set up an auto start.
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                          The only realy issue would be the mechanical wheel lock. It would have to be eliminated. Everything else could be simulated electronically.

                          I built a pushbutton start system for my G35, but it still uses the OEM key for security. I'm hoping to add an RF link to it that would allow it to bypass the OEM security.

                          Here's the module I have:

                          Here it is in the car:

                          Here is a video of it in action:


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                            The G35's have that exact button stock.
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                              The newer ones do. Mine is an '04.

                              That particular button is actually out of an Altima, which is why the backlight is amber instead of white like in the newer G35s.