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    Ive got a Car Pc and a Sony Ericsson K700i

    basically i want to use my Pc as a bluetooth thingymabob

    so when i get a call it will come up on the screen with answer yes / no and then cut out my other music so i can talk
    then i can just use my pc as my phone etc.

    if i wanna call someone i can just go to the program and scroll through the phone book on my phone but through the computer and call them.

    I have bluetooth on my phone and a bluetooth module on my computer so they can connect.

    Is there any software that does this or something very similair ???

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    its not free....but worth the money.
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      Yea, PhoCo is what you want.. I just got my setup working like that. The only problem I have is that the caller hears themself echoing. This is not because of the software but because their voice comes out of the car speakers which in turn the mic picks up.. A problem that I would love to fix but don't know if there is a fix...
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