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Amplify receiving 802.11 signal?

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  • Amplify receiving 802.11 signal?

    Other than switching out antennas and whatnot and legality aside, can you amplify the receiving end of an antenna to increase signal reception, or is that a fat chance?

    But also on that, for doing ADHOC setups, can you amplify that signal a bit better for others connecting to you?
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    You will need to amplify send and receive. You can't connect to a network with out transmitting data as well as receiving. Its like trying to communicate with a friend by whispering while they are yelling and you are 100 yards apart.

    The easiest way to amplify signal is by getting a higher gain external antenna.


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      You can also use amplifiers...compusa had a 500mw on sale for 69.99.
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        If you have a Linksys router (WRT54g + others), you can update the firmware and crank up the transmit power. I use dd-wrt and boosted the transmit power from 27mW to 70mW. You can do more with active cooling.


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          Yes you can amplify it using a standalone amp. Using a high gain antenna alone will not boost your signal very significantly though. When you combine a high gain antenna with an amplifier, then you will get a MUCH improved range.
          I am using my wireless card together with a 2000mW amplifier and 14.4dBi antenna, which gives me about 60 AP's in my driveway instead of 3.

          The #1 thing to look for in an amplifier is the "recieve gain." The wattage and transmit power does not matter as much; you can have a 1watt amplifier but that does not mean your signal will be much better unless you have a recieve gain of at LEAST 12db. For optimal signal boost, get something that has a 23+db gain on the recieve end. You can find some good quality products on (that's where I get all my wireless stuff)

          By the way I am not encouraging anyone to go this route. Please check your local FCC regulations to make sure you are not in violation of any codes.