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  • Treo 700w

    I've been reading this forum for like .. years. Anyway, as I am getting really close to actually doing a setup in my '01 330i, I have one final question for anyone that .. well.. wants to answer it.

    Has anyone tried or created a solution where 700w can be used for both the phone and Internet access from the carputer? Right now, you cannot use Treo's internet capabilities with computer through bluetooth and have to use USB cable.

    Is it possible to connect the phone to the carputer, via USB cable, have access to full features including the phone AND the wireless Internet? I would be willing to plug the phone into the craddle everytime I get into the car.

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    I think I found the answer to my own question .. PDANet. I have been using it for a few months, but have not checked on their updates. Now they have the updated version that support bluetooth for Internet connectivity, so I can use the phone both as the phone and as the modem via bluetooth.

    But if anyone else wants to add anything else to it - by all means.