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Wi fi connectivity with no router?

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  • Wi fi connectivity with no router?

    I was showing off my CarPC to a friend of mine and he has a laptop with wi fi. I also have wi fi on my CarPC. Is there a way we can connect and share files? We tried a little bit but I didnít know if it was even possible w/o a router and we didnít get very far.

    Is such a thing possible?
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    It's possible but it's a pain. Almost easier to just put a router in the car and have both connect to that.

    With no router you need to setup what's called an AdHoc network. Basically, on one of the computers you setup a wireless adhoc network (using the wireless utility, it's a real pain with the windows builtin utility) and then you connect to this new wireless network from the other computer. Also, to make it easier you should assign manual IP addresses to each computer, like to one of the computers and to the other (doesn't matter the #).
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      Sounds doable. Thanks. Ill try that.
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        Pain in the ***. Good luck with that. And depending on the type of wifi card you have in your car, watch for your cpu usage to jump a bit. Remove the AdHoc setup when you're done. I've had a problem with a D-Link pci card that was I guess polling the wireless network looking for other AdHoc clients. If it found one, all was good. If it didn't, it'd keep searching and totally kill the cpu, making the computer one slow piece of ****. It was awesome.

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          Mount a wrt54g in there somewhere. They will run off 12v.
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