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WiFi annoyances Problems with WEP

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  • WiFi annoyances Problems with WEP

    Okay, i have had DSL for a while now in my home. We got a free wirless router with the package and have used it perfectly for a few months. I then added a WEP key to preven theft of my signal cuz i want my signal LMFAO. I have two bridges to other parts of my house which work very well. However, i have tried a few different cards but they just cannot connect to the router. My new laptop wont even connect which ****es me hte hell off. They refuse to connect, key or not.

    I added a linksys router as an access point (ie i shut off routing and use it as a switch) My cards and my laptop now work great but the bridges now flip out from time to time and will not connect to the linksys.

    I think i may basically output 2 wireless networks, one from each unit. The linksys for the laptop and car, and the westell dsl crap for the bridges. But i just dont like the idea of doing that. It will probably also create interference in the networks.

    Is there something else i can do that will stablize the connections? I was thinking of getting a basic modem from Verizon, can the crappy router and base it all off the Linksys.

    Has anyone had experiences with crappy connections or connection failures? Anyone have ideas on better solutions?
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    Why not just use the linksys router and scrap the one verizon gave you? Sounds simple enough. Seems like you have too many things going too many places.


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      Yea too much going on there I had to read it twice to figure it out. Simplify and dont use WEP if possible use WPA. I had many problems using WEP when trying to connect and the moment i switched to WPA security everything worked!
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        His bridges may not support WPA.

        If he wants to prevent 'theft of signal' he could try seeing if he can do MAC filtering on the first router


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          the bridges i have dont have WPA or I would use it also. the reason i have the two items is because i dont have a stand alone DSL modem. I use the first item as the modem and router and the second just as a access point. What i think im going to do is scrap the first router and try and get another, basic modem from verizon. I would go out and buy my own but verizon does not support anything but those they distribute.

          Thanks for the help.
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            Okay...I just relized something tonight. The network always fails when a call comes in and someone picks up using my 2.4GHz phone.

            I know I can change the channel signal on the wireless. Will that work? Cuz this is beginning to make me REALLY upset.
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              It won't hurt. 2.4Ghz phones are frenquency hopping though.
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              It's installed by default on every version of Windows.


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                Just out of curiousity, do you have DSL filters on ALL of your phones? I haven't run into a cordless telephone that i've seen completely dessimate an 802.11b network.


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                  you can also call verizon and go through tech support to have them turn off the routing features of your modem. Then you can use it as a standard modem and you can utilize the linksys router with no problems and no purchasing of extra equipment. Although this may not solve your problem of when somebody uses the phones. If the phone is 2.4Ghz its always going to be in the 2.4ghz range, along with your wireless network. The two devices (wireless and phones) are in the same band but use different frequencies so they shouldnt cause any interference, Do you have filters on ALL of the phone lines EXCEPT the one going to your DSL modem? This could cause the same thing to happen too. good luck
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                    Hmm... I looked into the DSL router they gave me I cant find a setting to shut off routing yet. Maybe they can from their end. That is one of my goals. As for the filters YES they are on alll phones. The line enters my house, splits, one goes into a filter then to the rest of the house, the other goes directly to the modem only. This is the first time it is happening to my network but my friend did have a wireless set up that would crash when the phones went into use. I think it isnt the routers persay because in both cases ethernet bridges are involved. Mine has 2 both of which love to fail with the phone (ive made a few tests now) and his also included a wireless bridge.
                    The original router worked fine with the bridges (although when the power went out everything needed to be reset) But for whatever reason just WILL NOT connect with my new laptop or any integraded wireless for that matter.
                    The new router work BEAUTIFULLY with the laptop but when my cordless phone is used the bridges go out.
                    Its making me thinking of useing not sure yet. I wanted to just have a DSL modem and then use the linksys for all the routing.
                    Included is a picture of my home written discription is kind of unclear so maybe this will help
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                      What's the DSL thing they gave you? There any sort of model information on it? I know most of the DSL routers can be put into bridge / transparent mode.


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                        Scrap the cordless phone

                        2.4Ghz phones are notorious for crapping out a signal. Save yourself the headache and get a 5.8Ghz phone or even an older 900 mhz phone will do.

                        2.4Ghz phones and wirelss don't mix, some models WILL completely decimate the network too much interference will make a mess of the network. Changing chanels helps ONLY to fix density issues with other wireless networks it will not resolve the cordless phone issues.

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                          I have alltel dsl and they gave us a Speedstrem 4200 1 port router/modem. I hooked it up to a linksys wireless router and have the DSL modem/router going in to the linksys WAN/internet port and have the linksys router handling PPPoE and other networking features, NAT etc.

                          Another popular modem/router is the Speedstream 5200 which is wireless.

                          When I had the Speedstream handling PPPoE and then going to the router I was having connection issues. All gone bypassing the speedstream modem/router.

                          Don't know if anything applies to you or helps, but hey more info for others.


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                            Originally posted by Sidewalksalvage
                            Okay...I just relized something tonight. The network always fails when a call comes in and someone picks up using my 2.4GHz phone.

                            I know I can change the channel signal on the wireless. Will that work? Cuz this is beginning to make me REALLY upset.
                            Cheap phone? Cheap modem/router? A good 2.4GHz device will not interfere with other 2.4Ghz devices.

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                              Thanks everyone.

                              I think i have it in a good enough working state.

                              Basically the main Modem/Router (Westell Wireless Gateway/DSL Modem) Hooks up wirelessly to the two bridges which seems to work well

                              The linksys is on a second SSID which works great with the laptop.

                              This way phone use or not, everything stays connected. Why exactly, i dont know, nor do i really care.

                              I would really like to can one or the other, but the modem refuses to work only as a modem and the Linksys refuses to coooperate with the phone, so Its going to stay like this till either i get a new phone or new modem/router/isp

                              Originally posted by ODYSSEY
                              Cheap phone? Cheap modem/router? A good 2.4GHz device will not interfere with other 2.4Ghz devices.
                              Yes they are both cheap POS. But it works now so im done complaining,

                              Thanks again for eveyones help.
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