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    How would you like to travel anywhere in America and surf the Web for
    free. That is a promise coming from three companies: Skype, Fon and

    The three have set up a joint venture that allows you to share your
    Internet access with member of a co-op and vice versa.

    If you're a member, you enter all of the cities where you'll be and
    the system spits back locations where you can get access. Thousands
    of people are signing up every day.

    The network is called "Linus" and it's named after the man who
    invented the Linux operating system. That system is free.

    The other option is to join the "Bill" network, which costs money
    and is named after Bill Gates. To learn more about it, go to
    and sign up.

    You're going to see this all over the world because it just makes too
    much sense.
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    Oh my gawd were all going borg.........

    I leave my mobile at home just to escape text messages, now I'm going to be surrounded by ppl all getting email

    Actually I like it, great idea, I hope it catches on with walmart and then to asda so I can sit and surf while the wife shops........

    (its most annoying, local asda has 15 access points, all give good signals across the car park but have no net access as its for the BARCODE SCANNERS!)
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966