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Receiving email (Pop3) what am I doing wrong

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  • Receiving email (Pop3) what am I doing wrong

    I've set up a menu item under roadrunner to execute MS Outlook to send and receive email.

    The account is setup exactly the same as on my desktop. It works just fine sending email but fails everytime receiving. It attaches to the server and lists the number of messages to receive, but when it goes to receive it fails everytime with messages :
    "n messgae(s) coulnt be retrieved from the server" and

    "The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server"

    I have attached to the internet via my cellphone, dial up landline, and wireless, the result is the same. I have used both Outlook and Outlook express with the same result.

    I can do anything else on the internet.

    What have I missed? Is there some setting I should be checking?


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    Does your email provider require authentication for the outgoing mail? What ports are they using? I would assume it is an Outlook email account setting, since all the other internet functions work. Maybe try setting up a gmail account and seeing if that POP3 works via Outlook.

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      My email server does require authentication for outgoing mail and that is set up.
      I do not have a problem with outgoing mail, It's just the incoming mail.

      I setup another POP3 account and have the same problem. It either has to be a generic setting in Putlook (although the same problem exists with outlook express). Or a General system setting (eg in TCP). but I cant find anything wrong.