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Predictive WIFI for mobile use

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  • Predictive WIFI for mobile use

    Ok, sorry but I do not have anything developed to make this work, and I don't know how to do it even if I wanted to.

    Everyone, who uses wifi, knows where the local hotspots are. You probley even know where some good ones on you way to work are. So why doesn't your computer

    What I am thinking is use something like netstumbler to collect wifi data with gps locations. Then when your on your daily comute your carputer could automaticly log onto the closest wifi access points(that it knows are there) and could use an IP address(that it picked up last time) and whatever other needed info for web surfing like default gateway, dns primary and secondary.

    With that info it might be able to make a connection fast enough to get some data transfered.

    Let me know what you think, and if you know any more info let me know where you found it.
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    I know there was a program made a while back that allowed you to plot where those traffic cam things were. It patched into the GPS stream, so when you came close to a saved spot - it would sound off an alarm.

    There might be a way to mod that software or run a script when you come close to a wifi location. Instead of plotting traffic cameras (not many in the US anyway) - plot your wifi locations.

    Software is called Gatso Hunter - I've never personally tested it.
    If you can't find it, I know has it in their downloads listed under the GPS-Other section.

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      I'd be interested in such software as well.
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