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Can I use my PC as speaker/Microphone for my cell?

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  • Can I use my PC as speaker/Microphone for my cell?


    I did some searching and got alot of seperate peaces, but I just want to know if I am putting this all together correctly.

    So I want to use Phoco for my cell communication. Does Phoco allow me to dial a number and be able to talk over my computer WIHTOU me even touching the phone, like over bluetooth?

    Thats all i really need to know. I am thinking of getting the samsung 820 and it is listed on phoco site as a supported phone, but I don't know if that includes just showing status or does that mean it also support audio and I can be driving, answer the phone through PhoneControl .net and talk over my car stereo?


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    I haven't actually tried it, but my understanding is you need widcomm drivers to do that.
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