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  • mini pci antennas

    I bought an Asus mini pci 802.11g card ( )for my carpc and went looking for an antenna. I purchased one from ebay that is about 24" long and works ok for picking up signals from short range.

    I would like to add a high gain antenna but I am having a hard time finding one with the right kind of connector. I believe the mini pci card uses a "MC" connector and most wifi antennas I see use a "SMA" connector.

    Does anyone know of a pigtail or some sort of converter between the two?

    Any recommendations for an antenna to use?

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    It's a u-fl hirose connector. Check out for them. Just be careful, those little guys aren't really made for continuous plugging and unplugging.
    Failure is not an option....

    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.