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  • Bluetooth profiles..........


    My 2004 bluetooth dongle currently works with 9 profiles (HID, DUN, network access, file transfer, info exchange, info synchronisation, FAX, serial port, headset), I use the widcomm driver.

    I'm aiming to add profiles to increase functionality. I'm aware additional profiles can sometimes be obtained via upgrade of driver without need to upgrade the dongle.

    Does anybody know if this is actually the case? Is there a way to find out, or does anyone know, which profiles are obtained with different drivers?

    I could easily buy a later dongle which would solve the problem but it seems criminal to me that I pay for something new when all I'm essentially getting is different software. I don't imagine I'm the only one with this problem and with a bit of communication perhaps we can stopped being ripped off and help a few people out at the same time.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Look here. Lots of info on this subject. I can't guarantee that the 5.0 driver will enable the extra profiles, but I would assume it will. There is also info on that forum about upgrading the firmware of your device, though this is more involved and also potentially risky.


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      Thanks RawsonDR.

      That forum really has alot of info, I recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their bluetooth driver. I would have upgraded my driver supposing my internet connection was more reliable but since the downloads are large (80mb) I couldn't get the downloads at the moment.

      In the end I decided to spend some money and bought a dongle with increased range as well as extra profiles.

      Thanks for your help!