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  • Satellite Data? Costs?


    Firstly - thanks for an excellent forum - I've been lurking for about a week now - picked up a LOT of info - espec the boost mobile / GPS thing...

    The Boost Mobile data is great if you travel in an area with Boost (Nextel?) coverage - but does anyone know how much it would cost (setup & monthly running) to use satellite data instead - even at low speeds such as 14,400 Baud? I know you need a 'tracking' satellite device to keep track as the vehicle moves - this would bump up the cost...

    This would allow the GPS data transmit to work & still allow a small amount for basic text e-mails to / from a small mobile computer...

    I work for a heavy duty truck dealership & am trying to compare options...

    Also - if anyone can recommend small embedded computers for use in a vehicle I would be interested to hear. Yes - a EPIA PC works, but by the time you get all the parts (power. case, MB, RAM, 7 inch touch screen, keyboard) your spending about $700 US...

    The 3COM Audrey is nice & cheap (I've got one) - but my Linux skills are 'OK' - not great. I prefer Windows based (yes, spit on me now, but it's just easy OK - and I develop stuff in Visual Studio 2005)

    Thanks for any advice...


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    OK - if it helps others...this is what I found...

    You can get basic 'pager & GPS' functions for several hundred dollars (approx $300 / $400) for hardware & install costs & $39 US a month to run it...

    As for devices - there are several nice, slick solutions, but all over $1000 US - for any reasonable functions. A EPIA PC & touchscreen is the best way to go for both function & low cost...



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      If you want to go satellite, you will have to spend the bucks! I have a direcway(believe its under a different company name now) that is manual adjust on the camper. An auto adjust, last time I looked, is about 3000 bucks!!! You will get service everywhere with satelite if you have to have it, but it just isn't a good solution now.

      the small embedded systems are a real total pain if you understand computers and have the room for a full size desktop.

      Standardization and power and options