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DUN through BT issues (using hibernate)

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  • DUN through BT issues (using hibernate)

    I have successfully implemented a dial up network using my Verizon LG 8100 phone and blue tooth. The problem is that it works without a hitch when i reboot the system - but it says modem error when i try to connect anytime after i resume from hibernation. I'm betting that it is an issue of the 2 bluetooth devices not syncing but I'm unsure.


    Initial boot: works
    after resume from hibernation: 1 in 10 times will work
    after full reboot: works (until i hibernate)

    turning the power on and off on the phone does not help

    Do i need to stop and restart the BT service on the PC everytime i hibernate? Is there an application that will do this for me?
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    having the exact same problem.. did you ever figure this out?
    I'm using CiDial to autodial my connection. but I need to manual initiate the connection through the bluetooth places after hibernation.