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  • wifi antenna question

    i want to buy this, but it says it is for indoor use. 7dbi is pretty good (right?), and i could hook it up to a sma connector pretty easily. could i use this and just coat it in silicon to waterproof it? or are there any better suggestions for antennas? i have a physical real tigerdirect store down the street from me and id like to take advantage of the low prices and the no shipping fees. ideas/suggestions?

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    You might try one of these instead


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      im confused. ive seen that site before and i know its good stuff. i ended up at a differnt site anyway and i have a question. why is this 39.99 and this is 14.95? the expensive one is less dbi, but more wattage...? what is this 100 watts about? i didnt think that my little usb wifi adapter would put out any more than like half a watt. why is the 39.99 one better? just a little confused. i wanna know what im buyin

      EDIT: what would be better, putting a usb adapter close to the roof and running a very short cable to the antenna on the roof, OR getting a PCI card and running probably 7-10 feet of cable to the antenna on the roof? what would give me better results/distance/speed? distance is what i want most i think.

      EDIT AGAIN: while im in the question asking mode. does something like this look legit? would that antenna with this guy work well? i think id need some sort of converting adapter but whatever. would these two together be illegal? thanks


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        My thoughts

        I am also looking into WiFi Antenna's for my car, you don't want a antenna sticking too far from your car (think of old CB whip antenna's) hitting the tops of parking garages, and who knows what else!

        you also don't want to use TOO thin a cable inside your car, (the thinner the cable the more signal loss) The "N" style cables are about 3/4" thick and are a PIA to hide in a car, BUT they look like the standard.

        MY install; I decided on a 5db Whip (about 6 inches tall) mounted directly into my roof) then a "N" cable from the roof to my computer (under ceiling) then a 6" pigtail from my computer to the N cable.

        We will see how it fairs

        CarPuter Progress:
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          i prefer to build one for myself then buy. Just finished today this ( small 6dBi omni. Cost me less than pound (2 dollars). i didnt used any connectors, RG58 cable, 40cm. Modified belkin usb wifi adapter and there u go. will post some pictures later.


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            Well, here it is. I have made aditional glass mount from old pda stand Cant make any diagnotics on it but definetely work and works good. before i wasnt able to connect to my neighbours house 100m away wth just usb wifi but now 53% signal strength.
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