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Newbee Q. Setting up a Wifi station

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  • Newbee Q. Setting up a Wifi station

    Excuse me for asking this question, but i do not even know what to search for in the forum.

    I've got two USB Wifi dongles and I wanted to setup a LAN with my carputer as station/access point (?) and the desktop/laptop as a client that logs in onto that network. (Is station and access point the same thing?)

    I guess that what I want is the same as everybody else
    - I want to be able to enter my car with my laptop and be able to get to my carputer via VNC
    - I want to be able to surf the net with my carputer via free Wifi if available or bluetooth via mobil phone if not. I saw a thread about sw that continously searched for free Wifi access points.
    - in adition to that I would like to be able to track the cars position, but I guess that comes later.

    How do I do this? Is the hw I've got sufficient, or do I need a switch/router as well?
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    Wlan & Vnc

    No one knows?

    Not much work but new to me. A report.

    I now know that what I wanted was a BSS (Infrastructure. "Basic Service Set") wireless network.

    That is achieved by setting up a host PC with wired internet access as a WLAN access point (with enabled WEP encryption).*It is preferred if the IP address of that (wireless) access point is which is the default gateway. Enable internet connection sharing and set up the car PC as a "wireless station" and you're done.

    This was done with the help of a USB stick that I then put into my car computer. "Autorun" was copied by host to USB stick and when connected to carputer it was set up and the connection was established.*

    Then I got into problems because I could not get the internet sharing to work, and then I had some DNS problems. But setting up the wireless connection was a breeze and the VNC server worked on that connection directly, I just had to reopen VNC viewer.

    What specifically was the problem was to get "internet gateway" to work on my host PC, the AP (access point). Internet connection sharing. No matter what I did the gateway was disabled. Then I created a 'bridge' and removed it right away and when the gunsmoke was gone the gateway was enabled. Windows...*Run "ipconfig" in a shell to find out all IP settings.


    1) How do I get the carputer to automatically roam for available non encrypted WLAN's with shared internet connections? (I guess enabling firewall on carputer is a good idee)

    2) Is there tracking software that will send GPS positions onto internet to track down a car theaf? Google earth?

    I _will_ search the forums :-)
    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"