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Bell Mobility Options for Cell as modem

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  • Bell Mobility Options for Cell as modem

    I was wondering if there are people out there that are fighting for a way to use their cell phone as a modem.

    I have the Sanyo 8100 phone with the usb cable. I did setup the network dialing under Windows XP. It worked just fine. I could connect to the internet just fine.

    I viewed yahoo and a couple of web pages. The bill came in and that costed me $8.39 Canadian.

    What options are there for Bell Mobility and CDMA users???? The data plan is outrageous. Basically, only the $100.00 a month plan is of any use. And most people will go over.
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    Get a wireless G or N card and borrow someones open wireless network.. that's what I do...

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