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PCS Power Vision works via USB, but not full speed on BT

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  • PCS Power Vision works via USB, but not full speed on BT

    My A900 works perfectly in PCS Power Vision mode through a USB connection. I get amazing speeds (up to 1.5mbits) and the icon on the phone indicates that it's using the Power Vision connection.

    However, when I connect through my Bluetooth dongle, it only uses PCS Vision at around 200kbits.. and the icon on the phone indicates it as such.

    I hope this make sense.

    Anything I'm doing wrong?

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    Bluetooth is slower than USB...

    It's almost like when you plug in an 802.11G USB 2.0 Wifi Dongle into a USB 1.1 USB port...

    The fastest you will go is 11mbps...

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      I have an A900 as well. I heard that the A900's have problems with bluetooth. How has yours been working?
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        My A900M has worked great via USB or via bluetooth.
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          I don't have that phone or Sprint but even though bluetooth will be slower than USB, you should be able to get faster than 200kbps... I dialup through bluetooth using my LG phone on cingular's 3G network and can usually get up to 500-600kbps over bluetooth and of course faster using USB.
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