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  • Hands free car kit help!

    Ok so i see theres tons of blue tooth hands free car kits and what not. But I cant find what I am looking for maybe you guys can help me out.

    This is what i want to do. i dont care if its a module or what not but what i want it to do is that i can use my phone hands free but listen to the convo through my car speakers via fm trnasmitter and what not. I have the moto v325i bluetooth capable phone. SO any ideas and or links. I dont want the ones that already come with the biult in speaker I want the sound to come through the car. thanks you

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    SINCE no one ever helps anyone out on here, i be the first. I have phone control that I use through bluetooth enable phone. the sounds comes through my speakers via a belkin bluetooth doogle adaptor using the stereo profile audio gateway of course, the only and BIG problem is the microphones out there bluntly speaing suck. they are too low and if they are not too low then they pickup to much speakers noise and echo to the other callers you are havng a conversation with. pick your poison, for me the sound through the speakers are the easy part the sound out of my voice, is my problem , if you find out a solutions, please pm me and I will be greatful.


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      ok a link i searched it and its all software


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        I have installed a Parrot MK6000 Bluetooth device, which, paired with an appropriate Bluetooth dongle, will allow audio streaming (A2DP) from a computer or other media device, such as an iPod, through the car audio system. I have described my project elsewhere. Although it is a work in progress, it might be of use to you.


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          Parrott CK3100.

          I me and the GF have them in our car, and both my parents have them installed in thier cars.

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            I have the Motorola IHF1000 car kit. It can be connected through the car speakers, but I currently am using the external speaker it came with. I really like it.