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XOHM Shutting down, Clearwire Wimax testing in Baltimore

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  • XOHM Shutting down, Clearwire Wimax testing in Baltimore

    This isn't really mobile but I thought it might be interesting to those of you who must always be connected or are interested in WIMAX. I am writing a blog for my other company here. I expect to have speed tests later today on the new network.

    Originally posted by Rob's Other Blog
    Testing the new Clear Wimax wireless internet
    We have suggested to many of you to buy a wireless connection to fill your need for constant connectivity. This could be for connectivity on the go or for a backup internet connection when your cable or DSL line goes down. XOHM has merged with clearwire. As part of this merger, all the XOHM hardware is getting deactivated and "Clear" hardware has been sent out as a replacement. We got our new Clear hardware today for our XOHM monthly account. XOHM Promised on November 11th to upgrade our "pay as you go" equipment, but has since backed down on that promise. The XOHM pay as you go plan allowed for people that travel heavily like I do, or only occasionally need on the go access to have a service option by the day or by the week without subscribing to an expensive monthly plan or having long term commitments. Here is a photo of their desktop hardware.

    As the day progresses we will add more test results.
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    Thanks dear for this information your description is in much detail about the Clearwire Wimax.
    I also visit your link that you post that is really col one, good efforts.


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      Thanks dear
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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