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    The mobile computing community has grown considerably in the recent past and many of our forum members work for businesses that are related to mobile computing. Until now, mp3car hasn't had a clear policy for members who represent a company to follow.

    We'd like to change that and in the process give our vendors an opportunity to represent themselves to the community in their avatar and their custom title. Identifying your company lets other forum members know it was your company that helped out and you get the credit you should for contributions to the community.

    Below are the amended rules for forum member who represent a company. These changes have been made to the official forum rules, which can be found here.


    Section 3. mp3Car Forum Members Representing a Company

    Active mp3Car community members who represent a company on the Forums, deserve to recognized for the contributions they make to the forums. However, these guidelines must be followed:
    1. Put the name of the company that you work for or represent in your signature. The name may not contain a hyperlink.
    2. Make your custom title the name of your company by using the "Contact Us" link below to request this change.
    3. Make your company logo your avatar.
    4. Please do not place the company’s web address in either your signature, as a hyperlink, or a post. This is considered advertising and will be subject to penalty.
    5. If you have a reasonable cause for placing a link to your company, first ask for approval from mp3Car. Certain companies have been given permission to place a link to their company website, based on their contributions to the community.
    6. Please do not use multiple user names for one individual at a company. It is not permitted for an individual to have more than one user name.
    7. Please be respectful on the forums; should a disagreement arise with another member that may be a competitor, or you find another member is purposely flaming your company, report the post and the moderators will take action, if any is needed.
    mp3Car reserves the right to change these guidelines or make exceptions at any time.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
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