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  • Vibrating seats

    Gizmag reports on research on adding physical feedback into cars by embedding vibrating motors into the seat. These would be linked into sensors around the car, so that you can feel your surroundings in addition to your other senses:

    Gizmag: Vibrating driving seat warns of impending danger

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    I was gonna say that's intended for games etc.... and what's the first picture of!

    I'll bet it's "one of those good ideas that ain't". It will probably cause accidents.


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      Yeah, think of all the soccer moms intentionally driving too close to other vehicles just to make the seat vibrate...


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        i don't know, i helped my cousin put bass shakers in on the back side of his seats about a year ago, and it is nowhere near as irritating as it sounds--i can kind of see how it would help the sensory perception in the car.

        i think that something like this would require new warning labels on cars, but otherwise, wouldn't be too bad(lets face it, the idiots that can't drive in the first place will have problems with any new vehicle add-on)
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          Aww, isn't that cute?
          Another statement of the obvious taken from a patent(storm) or dark gropers.

          But I don't get it - where's the link?


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            Originally posted by OldSpark View Post
            Aww, isn't that cute?
            Another statement of the obvious taken from a patent(storm) or dark gropers.

            But I don't get it - where's the link?
            Don't worry. I've taken care of it.


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              Dutch research organization TNO using tactile signals
              Well, there you go

              For some reason I really thing that this thread could go really wrong


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                This is actually already an optional extra in certain Citroen cars (Don't think these are sold in the US but are sold in Europe and elsewhere) There are cameras to detect when the vehicle gets too close to the edge of the lane!


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                  Yeah - there are lots of good things around. (Not only Penzance's good moderating. Thanks!)

                  And good suggestions - like soccer mums. (I think now I understand why they set their mobile phones to "silent" and hid them.)

                  But application varies - vibrating to games and music is one thing - it is probably even a healthy envigorator (if it doesn't massage you to sleep), but a jerk (no pun) reaction because some warning suddenly goes off.... That could wake you up!

                  Not that I scare-jerk easily (I'm well trained), I find vehicle annunciators often do; and the occasional vibrating pocket phone.

                  I'm probably more a believer in visual warnings for vehicles - lights etc. (For motorbikes - followed by an audible or vibrational backup.)
                  Whilst that is of limited use to visually impaired drivers, they can instead use vibrational alerts (whether seats or their walking canes) with optional audio if music interruption is acceptable.

                  Alas too many aides become tools. EG - a white line camera is the reason you can play chess whilst driving. It's like recent accidents here - it wasn't driver fault - it was the stability control that wasn't good enough. (And to think I still laugh when I hear "Police blame the weather" - it was just rain for Pete's sake!)
                  Read a paper in peak hour traffic - the proximity buzzers alerts you without missing a letter.

                  Locally they are using ripple white lines on the sides of country roads. They are great! Not only did we not have white lines, bit now they audibly warn you when you are veering off.

                  But other things IMO are long term negative.
                  EG - In Australia, if a corner isn't signposted, you'll probably run off. Lots of fun raiding the bent arrow or advisory speed signs and the watching the carnage. (No alarms, no neighborhood watch - you can steal what you want!)
                  Compare that to (say) Europe where you get one warning sign like "bends for 25km" and then after 10km get your first or 2nd 90-degree corner!
                  And it's not as if you cannot pick corners over here - the warning signs should be unnecessary. (Though a select few amazing exceptions exist!)

                  But no - we have a society where instead of improving skills or filtering the unskilled, we add the tools so that the incompetent can drive.
                  And that worries me.
                  (Again - it's difference between an "aide" and backup as opposed to being a prime or necessity.)

                  PS - we have a high incidence of accidents thru sign confusion - too many speed limit changes, too many advisory boards, too much roadside signage. People are missing red lights. And yes, that sign that said "bend ahead" (yes - that's one word) and "Look out - Cliff! (Ref: The Young Ones).

                  Anyhow, I'd better get off to drive past my nearby sign that says "Take Off 5". Now I'm down to 45kmh slower than I was 10 days ago.