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Dual Core Cortex-A9 Board

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  • Dual Core Cortex-A9 Board

    I think this is pretty freaking wicked and if we can put linux on it like the beagle board it'll be pretty amazing.

    Is there any possibility of puttiong openmobile on it?

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    Looks interesting... wonder if the guy that's working on the BeagleBoard XBMC will move to this platform...

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      is this something mp3car can get for the community for R&D?


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        Imagine the possibilities(especially if you prefer indash installs like me). With a nice SSD this would be idea for a standardardized 2 Dinn indash case with mobo combo.....Along with the M4 as the PSU. I'd sure buy one!
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          Sounds like fun to try to get OM on. One of these days I am going to have to pick up one of these types of boards and start tinkering. This is starting to high high enough specs for me to be really interested.
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            i honestly think OM/MP3CAR would be the perfect contestant!


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              esp. after seeing the innovation vault thread..
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                Did someone from MP3CAR do a submission? because its not very convincing.
                I think mentioning the mp3car community and what we do or have done would really help our chance! maybe even attach OM demonstration with the voice command and stuff would also help! (or anything innovative around mp3car).

                also, i'm very curious what the power rating on this board, and what possible sleep states it may have.


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                  Alright lets give it a shot....someone throw up an entry for OM and mp3car and i'll throw up contact details and some demo stuff when I get a chance. Speech recognition is windows only...but just about everything else should work really well on that board.

                  kev... since i'm sure your linux sense will lead you to this thread ... any interest in working together on a tinyOS for this project?
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                    I was going to work on writing up something last night as this is something I would love to take a stab at but I never got around to it.
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                        There's two carpc submissions. I'm curious to who they belong to?