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How do you determine important news from useless news?

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  • How do you determine important news from useless news?

    I know that becoming aware of what is going on around the world is important; however, it just seems like such a waste of time to go on websites like CNN to try and find what news is important going on over the world. It's just time consuming and I don't have the time to look for what is important news and what isn't. I guess my question is, how can you check a news website on CNN and spot the important news instead of the useless news that doesn't need to really be known?


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    It's actually a good question. I been trying to do some thinking about this - what needs to be placed in this section?

    Lately, the carpc news has been dominated by the news out of CES - and most of this has been the car manufacturers implementing OEM solutions. Sure, news of this gives us some inspiration, and perhaps some insight as to the direction the industry is going in general. While interesting, how much of this is going to affect this community? How much needs to be in this section?

    I've tried to put stuff in here that has a more direct link to what people can use in their installations, but ultimately I post what I think is interesting, and I hope others will as well.

    What would folks like to see?

    Oh, and how does one find information? Basically I have an rss reader set up (I use Google reader) to funnel information to me, and also follow a lot of links. Be careful though - keeping up with all the information on the net can be time consuming...


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      What is "important" is a purely subjective decision. What is important to me is different than what is important to you and everyone else.

      Categorization helps, but that only serves to narrow down information to specific topics (entertainment, politics, technology, etc.).
      I think the use of keywords and metatags is significant, as they enable you to search articles that are tagged with keywords that are of interest (or importance) to a reader.
      The bigger problem is appropriate and accurate tagging of articles/documents.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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