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  • New to PC in the car

    hey guys I wanna put a PC in my car

    I have a Jensen 7" touch screen with Bluetooth
    and it works great (for what it is)
    but I want more, but doesn't

    well here is what I wanna do I want the touchscreen I currently have to interface with a computer that I may put in the car
    like with Windows 7 or something

    I kinda look at it like this, I have a touchscreen, I can build a computer, or use an existing one I have

    and it has a built in amp,tuner,bluetooth,SD slot and USB front and rear

    what do you think any ideas?
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    you cannot easily use that touch screen. you would need to disassemble the unit, grab the typically-tiny wires coming off the touch screen, determine which wires are which, and then hope that you can find a controller that understands what the touch screen is doing and transmit that in a form that the computer can understand...i would guess that this part would be close to a 3mo. project.

    it depends on that specs on the computers you have-- you might be able to use one.
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      Is it possible to hack your Jensen unit to use the touchscreen on the PC? Anything is possible.
      Is it practical? My magic 8-ball says "No."
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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