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    Hello all-

    I work for GoodSync, a data synchronization software company. We support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems, which seem to be present in many of your custom audio solutions.

    I joined this forum to gather some useful information on how the community is using and backing up its files- media, programs, any extension. Are playlists and directories stored only on the hard drive in your vehicles? Do you use freeware programs to sync to the cloud?

    We currently have an integration solution developed that automatically syncs certain folders or file extensions (*.mp3, *.m4a, etc) to a home server whenever the car's computer detects a WiFi signal. Data can go 2 ways- either you add new material to your car's HDD which syncs to your home PC, or you download new files at home which instantly sync to your car's HDD- wherever it is.

    How do you currently manage data synchronization?

    Thank you so much!

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    I have written my own program to do just that.

    I have also done plugins for two of the most popular frontends (RideRunner and Centrafuse) and am now in the process of doing a plugin for one of the newer frontends FreeICE.

    It can be triggered by Wifi, Timed, Manually or USB insertion.


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      I think Enforcer's application pretty much fits the bill, if you're looking to duplicate existing efforts that'd be the place to start. Integration with the popular frontends, ease of use, and a variety of triggering functions are key requirements.
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