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Bought a Ford w/ SYNC, but my 2006 WinXP & RR setup was better...

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  • Bought a Ford w/ SYNC, but my 2006 WinXP & RR setup was better...

    Hello all.

    Back in 2006 I made this for my '97 Mazda Miata:

    That car was totalled by a rear-end about a year into having that setup.
    Several years later (I'm 23 now) and I can afford a new car with an in-dash. I impulsively leased a Ford Focus last week; sold on the fact that they're the only company to provide API hooks.

    I am just wondering what folks like us that had the best setups back in the day are doing now with these new cars with the pre-existing in-dash systems like the SYNC.

    Some of the things I've noticed that bug me are the slow response time from tapping the screen to the screen actually changing or acting; my old Lilliput with Windows XP & Road Runner was highly responsive compared to the SYNC system.

    It's pretty shameful that a brand new car in 2013 still can't match up with our hacks back in 2006. I guess am just starting to feel doubtful that a pre-existing in dash was a good idea and that I should have probably got an old car again like my Miata and built another fully custom system. At the same time, in terms of mechanics and such, I preferred to have a brand new car.

    1997 Mazda Miata, Black
    In-dash Fabrication
    Current dashboard:

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    no surprise


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      Just got a 2013 fusion for the wife. My aging carPC still blows it out of the water lol.
      Build Things, it keeps your brain busy.

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