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August 12, 2008 - AutumnWave OnAir GT - In Car HDTV

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  • August 12, 2008 - AutumnWave OnAir GT - In Car HDTV

    Check out the new AutumnWave HDTV tuner .

    This USB TV tuner is different from all the others you may have seen or used before. The OnAir GT is a USB powered device that can receive and display television content. It is capable of receiving Over the Air signals (digital and analog), and of course feel free to plug it into your existing cable line at home. What sets this tuner apart from all the rest is a fifth generation LG Electronics tuner/demodulator which eliminates interference caused by multi-pathing; in turn it finds the strongest signal and latches on to it for the clearest possible picture.

    The included software allows you to watch, capture, or pause live content. With the large interactive menu you can change just about any settings to fit your needs: Aspect ratio, viewing options like Desktop TV, zoom and many more. The EPG, or electronic programing guide, gives you a TV guide listing to set your recording schedule ahead of time or just see whats on. There is even software to burn a DVD of your favorite recordings.

    Digital advantages:

    - Clearest Picture - Take advantage of your widescreen monitor

    - More Bandwidth - Allows for different languages, more captions, and tv guide

    - Multi-Plexing - Get multiple channels through a single broadcast

    After using this product for several weeks, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with it. The reception is spectacular, the picture looks just as good on my Lilli 619 as it does on my 42" Plasma. For in car use, the included antenna is probably not your best option if you plan on watching tv while driving. You might want to upgrade or engineer your own solution. The installation is quick and easy. I really like being able to switch the unit from my car to my laptop and then take it in at night and plug it into my desktop to watch High-Def on the big screen. I highly recommend this product for anyone searching for a computer TV solution.

    In the box:

    GT tuner

    Carry case

    Remote control

    A/V input plugs


    Telescoping Antenna

    More Information