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  • Nick's Meet Map Blog Post

    After a summer learning about Mp3Car and the Mp3Car forum community, I've finally finished up my largest project to give back in some fashion. My project is a method for easier searching of the Mp3Car meets. Here is a quick picture of it:

    Although this project ended up being relatively simple, I hope that it should serve the Mp3Car community well in the long run. Since I know that the needs of the community are likely to change over time, I have created the map system with the ability to expand rather easily. It is currently specialized more for meets in the USA, but it does have the components already present to be used for international meets. It really does just need some consensus on how these changes should be implemented so that they best serve the community. There is a thread created for discussion on this map here. There is also a wiki article that I created quickly with a simple description of the entire system for forum members