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Community Innovation: USB Parking Sensor Interface - 10/16/08

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  • Community Innovation: USB Parking Sensor Interface - 10/16/08

    Do you 3d viewfind yourself parking in tight spots all too often? Please don't scratch your bumper trying to fit into that tiny space. To help us carputer users, Robby_BMW has developed a USB interface for aftermarket parking sensor kits. These kits use ultra-sonic sensors which would normally report back to an LED or LCD to indicate the distance between your bumper and whatever else. Robby's interface uses a PIC 18F2550 microcontroller on a custom PCB to send the information to your computer. The device is recognized as a Plug & Play HID. It works as a wired or wireless connection. I suggest you read up on the technicals for customization options as there are limitations depending on your setup. This interface is device specific. Software is available with a multi-lingual Configuration tool. There are also plug-ins for RoadRunner and Centrafuse .

    This has sparked much excitement in the Hardware Development section . I suggest you read the thread as Robby has done a great job of documenting the production. Members like Enforcer and _Dejan_ are also contributors and supporters of the project. Yet another ingenious solution to making a stand-alone device work with your computer. Great work guys! Check out the test video below to see it in action.

    If you have something you feel should be recognized as a community innovation, drop me a PM or post your creation in the User Innovations section .