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Magden Linux OBDII & Gauge, Performance Software

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  • Magden Linux OBDII & Gauge, Performance Software

    Magden has a current business model of selling an x86 PC with their linux gauge software. I can see how this would be great for people who don't want to integrate their own apps and want the power of a computer in their car with less setup hassle. We strongly encouraged the magden team to consider the sale of their software and hardware to the community, even if they release it with little or no support. Talk about this here.


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    Looks cool!! I hope they will release the software of their gauge unit so that we could use it without being forced to use to purchase more than needed..


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      We talked to Magden about selling the software along at SEMA and I will be following up to see if this is possible.
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        this would be really cool if they allow it to be sold.
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          Magden can be seen in the new trailer for F&F4 (@ 1:42)

          Good on em for getting some exposure


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            Wow. I wonder if they paid for that product placement. screen capture attached.
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              any word on the software being sold as a stand alone?

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