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  • CES 2009 Car Computers and telematics Discussions

    We are doing a lot of blogging this week.
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    CES 2009 is under way. We are in Las Vegas to tell you all about it. Check out our blogs and video throughout the week.

    As of late December, the organizers of CES expect an 8% drop in attendance. I think it might be more like a 20% drop. It seems like we are in for one of the slowest CESs in memorable history. My direct flight out here was only 60% full. The airport was a ghost town at only 9.30 pm yesterday. We’ll keep you posted as the week progresses.

    Is there some tech here that you want us to investigate? Give us feedback and get involved on our forums.


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      Today we are on the ground in Las Vegas getting ready to kick off our video coverage of CES. While the CES vendors setup their booths.

      We were invited to attend Telematics seminar about 17 miles outside of the city which has round tables, panels and debating the future of communications and technology in cars. We have already heard some interesting things today that I will write about more as the day progresses.
      The hottest debate of the morning, as it always has been, is what role can carmakers play in Telematics? How can carmakers play with rapidly evolving consumer electronics products driven by massive economies of scale and a tremendous selection of features and vendors.

      What value-add do carmakers really bring to car technology? Should they just have core safety features, vehicle data outputs, input devices and get out of the way for aftermarket devices?

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        CES 2009 - Where are the Car Computing software and HMI companies?

        Centrafuse has four locations at CES.

        • Gracenote’s Booth demonstrating a flash integrated demo of Gracenote integrated with Centrafuse.
        • Dashboard Devices –
        • Tememetria
        • Azentek’s Booth

        Streetdeck – No formal announcement - from their website:

        • “StreetDeck will be at the 2009 CES show in Las Vegas Nevada. We will not have our own booth, but we will be wandering the show floor on January 8th and 9th.”

        RoadRunner – No response
        Imobile – No Response
        , no press releases since 2006

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          We expect to see lots of Intel based car computers at CES this year. VIA always has embedded platforms which can be modified to for the car, but other than the embedded products it seems like they have disappeared from the car-computing world now that Infill has died. The Guru units and its close cousin the Azentek cpc will be in at least 6 cars this year. Intel's new series of Mini-itx based boards has been a huge hit for prototypers, telematics labs, and hackers. We even based our telematics lab bundle of this line a few months ago.

          At the telematics seminar today we had a discussion with the director of Intel’s IVI director Staci Palmer. There are no car computing or Telematics PR events planned this year for CES. They do however have a dashboard mock up in the Intel booth, which we will report more on later. From our discussions it also seems like Intel is going to be putting more effort behind their in vehicle version of moblin. An open source active in vehicle linux app would do wonders for in car technology.

          The biggest barrier to entry I see for Linux in the car for things like moblin is a navigation solution. How can anyone put linux in their car without nav? I guess you could use virtual machine for your navigation…or buy a pnd? That’s what I call a speed bump.

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            Any word on multitouch in-car screens?
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              Originally posted by SFiorito View Post
              Any word on multitouch in-car screens?
              That would be really cool. But how would that work when you are driving? If you find a company that has that give us a booth number and we will go by and blog about it.


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                Well, really what I meant was capacitive screens. But multi touch would still be useful for things like zooming in/out of the nav screen with thumb and index finger, like on the ipod. Minimizing the amount of icons and buttons cluttering the front end UI.
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                Zotac ION Atom N330, 2GB low-profile RAM, M3-ATX
                Win Embedded Std 2011 RC
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                  I've got it from a trusted source that Azentek is unveiling a new, audiophile-grade in-dash double-DIN PC.

                  Details pleeeeeease!!!

                  I'm sure you know at least a lil about this, because CentraFuse is their front-end of choice
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                    Make sure you go pick the brains of the Blaupunkt and miRoamer guys:

                    "Blaupunkt and miRoamer will announce a partnership at CES that will put internet radio into car dashboards for the first time" - Wired Magazine

                    And get all the dirt on the ENV:

                    "Dashboard Devices' double-DIN computer will run for $2,700 and will be called the ENV. It will be sold through computer resellers at first, and it will then be made available to car shops." - Wired Magazine
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                      I'm mainly interested in display technology. Is anyone going to make a straight-from-the-factory transreflective display with a capacitive touchscreen? We've had them in phones for years.
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                        The CES 2009 show floor opens today. We are writing from the press lounge on the show floor and our first video is uploading now.

                        For this show, our main areas of focus:
                        • In Vehicle, mobile computing technology
                        • Audio, specifically amplifiers with optical or digital inputs
                        • New Display Technology
                        • What technology can be transported from Home theatre into car computing?
                        • Car Computer Software

                        Expect a few slightly off topic eccentric things as well.

                        Talk about this on our forums or give us tips on what to shoot here:


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                          CES 2009 - 60 Seconds about why we are here.


                          What do you want to see more of? Talk about this on our forums here.


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                            Rob - Glad ya'll are out there covering the show for those of us who couldn't make it.

                            Hey, I bet if you go by the Microsoft Live area, you will find Mr. Ori Amiga, the one with the Mesh Mobile we posted about a while back on the Centrafuse site. Ori is usually at CES and who knows what he has cooked up over there. Could be a treat!

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                              you guys get a chance to check out the up and coming wireless charging stations? it looks like they will have some really great applications into carputer type applications for charging an array of things mice, keyboards, phones,ear pieces, ipods, remotes and anything else that might be in your car that needs to be charged or needs to be recharged