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CES 2009 - Small Computers

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  • CES 2009 - Small Computers

    It is amazing how small, cheap and low power computers are getting. The show floor was littered with them so we took a sample of one in this clip below. Running a quicktime MOV on the faster unit in this movie took up 60% of the CPU so some testing is probably in order. Over the last 12 years of working on computers I have seen tons of motherboards. Even some that are very expensive from big name companies can be riddled with driver problems or other small quirks.


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    That tiny PC is available now

    No need to buy them wholesale, you can get them from bookpc for $319
    tiny car pc


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      How powerful are these computers? Say I wanted to pull in a couple video signals from cameras as well as some telemetry data running on LabView, would it be able to keep up?


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        it depends on how heavy your applications are and if you can use the native video decoding/encoding hardware. that is a very complicated answer. You should buy one and test it.