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Dash Command Lite Goes for a Test Drive

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  • Dash Command Lite Goes for a Test Drive

    In this video blog we test out Dash Command Lite an innovative way of displaying OBD-II data. Talk about this on our forums in our blog talk section. Buy dash command lite here & get 10$ off the final version when it comes out in late spring or early summer.


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    Head Unit

    I presume dash command is running on a PC of some sort piped into the head unit in the video. My questions is, that head unit looks like an aftermarket radio with touch screen, however, the environment looks like a windows environment. How is the touch screen interacting with a computer? Does the head unit have some sort of USB controller to mimmick the Lilliput type touch screens? Also does the head unit have a VGA input?

    Never mind - I see it is the GURU Unit!


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      Originally posted by mattyv View Post

      Never mind - I see it is the GURU Unit!
      Yup. Computer hardware in that video is here:


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        There's no reference to this on the PPE website.

        So what is the different between DashCommand Lite and the regular DashCommand? Is this a rebranding or a new product in some way?

        We saw your video on DashCommand from last year's SEMA I believe. Does this 'Lite' version introduce the Multi-Screen, Hybrid and iPhone features we saw in that video (that are not yet available). I'd guess by the pricing and naming that the answer would be no. But the Accelerometer integration sounds new. Confusing.

        So then it looks like there's been some sort of delay in releasing the new features. Hopefully it will all be worth it!



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          DashCommand Lite is a special offer from only. It is simply a single dashboard screen - it does not include any of the new features of DashCommand v2.0. The license keys are also not transferrable to the regular version of DashCommand. When DashCommand v2.0 is released, DashCommand Lite customers will be given a coupon code to get $10 off the full version.
          Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.