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AFKfest 2009 - Mike Car Computer Install

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  • AFKfest 2009 - Mike Car Computer Install

    Rob Wray from mp3Car Talks with Mike L. about his car computer install. What is unique about this install is the use of Garmin Mobile. Although it may look like it Garmin is not running in Centrafuse, it's the stand alone program.

    Mike also has a VNC client for his windows mobile device that allows him to interact with his phone from using the touch screen instead of having to use the small 2 inch screen on the phone.

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    Nice to see you got the PC installed and up and running. I didn't get a chance to check it out at AFK fest, hopefully you'll still have it running so I can check it out at the next DC meet
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      I really like the keeping-it-simple approach you took (or, at least, have taken so far).

      Yours is a great example of how you don't have to go over-the-top on expense to get something that really works well.

      With the GMPC, is the WiFi the only way you can get Internet access? You can tether with your phone if you're not near a HotSpot, right?
      2003 Lexus SC430 - Black with Ecru. VaisTech & NavTool with Centrafuse integrated into factory nav screen (hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Command, mp3's, videos, HD Radio, Sirius Sat. radio, DVD, Internet, & digital gauges (via OBD-II)), & LuxLink module.


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        I can tether from my phone yes.

        And yeah hopefully it will still be running at the next meet..

        Now if I could just figure out how to get the OBDLink to get my readings from the TT it would be great!!!


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          nice clean install! love the fact that Mike is using a HTC Touch Pro!
          If anyone has a windows mobile phone and has the data plan you can download and install the HTC Wireless Router for FREE. It will turn your phone into a wireless access point, it's pretty slick! I've been using it for months now, just need to work on getting a pc into my 300!


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            jbrewer --- Where can I find the HTC WIFI Router?


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              I use WMWifirouter but it was $30. I have to search for the other though, it would be nice to have a backup. I actually just use USB when needed for tethering for the most part since it is so easy to share.

              Thanks for the compliment


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                You can get this one here though



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                  obstacleman, are you "mike" from the video??
                  i used an old version of WMWifirouter but it always acted up on me. I never got the newer version to work.

                  A mod/admin may sticky or move this post for future info for other members!
                  Here is the post for the HTC Wifi Router.
                  "XDA-Tom_Codon CM Wifi Internet Sharing"

                  I have uploaded the cab to my server for direct access:

                  what I like about the free htc version is that the software has the app running in half the time and you can easily set an encryption key and your ssid! It's slick!

                  If I tether through usb I just use the stock "Internet Sharing" app.

                  I do have wm6.5 installed though, so that may make a difference on how the apps react!


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                    i tried to post up a direct link, but I guess my post didn't get approved??

                    same as obstacleman, but here is a direct link off my site (no need to register)...


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                      I am the mike from the video. They should probably add the forum names along with real ones.

                      I have had no problem with WMWifi except it eats battery. How is the HTC one?


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                        What's the name of the Vnc client your using. Will it work with any htc phones. Thanks


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                          i cant freakin believe its been a year since we set that thing up lol
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