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windows embedded 7 - Multi-touch demonstration & Sensor integration

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  • windows embedded 7 - Multi-touch demonstration & Sensor integration

    Mp3car gets a first hand tour of newly released windows 7 embedded. This demo shows off some exciting stuff
    • Multitouch
    • accelerometer integration
    • ambient light integration
    • Integration with a mock up assembly line

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    I'll be starting a build in a couple days in a car nearly specifically for SCCA Solo Autocross.

    It has a standalone aftermarket ECU made by an Australian company called microtech.

    My aim is to put up digital gauges, so it would be pretty nifty if i could manipulate those gauges or even change settings on the fly from a gauge screen.

    I may pick up some Cuzco Zero2E coilover suspension struts, which are remotely electronically adjustable. If I could make all of these types of adjustments from the seat of the car through a CarPc, that would be really interesting.

    It looks like embedded could work quite well in these aims.
    08' WRX - lightly prepared for D-stock autocross
    1994 BMW M3/25is - Heavily prepared for SM class autocross
    OBD1 :( no carputer fo the Bimmer