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  • OBDlink CI - Product Review

    I was recently given the opportunity to complete a review of scantool.nets OBDlink CI by mp3 car. After having tested The OBDlink CI on multiple makes and models I've found it's limited to vehicles newer than 2004. It does however work very well on all the U.S. Models as well as Honda's and Toyota's. This tool is also very simple to work with, after loading the software and choosing the correct com port I was up and running. It picked up multiple trouble codes and monitored each sensor on the vehicle just as accurately as my $2000 snap on scanner.

    See the full version OBDLink scan tool on the mp3Car Store here or the product review here. (this model is compatible with most cars 1996 and newer)

    After trying a couple more things to get the scanner to work on older vehicles and failing I contacted Vitaliy through the forum because the new CI can have firmware upgrades made to it. I thought he would have some insight as to how I could set up the CI to work on vehicles like my 2001 Focus, or my fathers 2002 Cadillac DHS. Instead I was delightfully surprised at how personable and helpful he was (customer service is worth more than anything to me these days). Although there was no software or means to get the unit to work on older vehicles hen explained people that purchased the Cl were eligible to get a discount on the new OBDLINK which was coming out soon. We however worked out a deal where I would also get to review the new OBDLINK. So the pluses are; Easy to load software, Easy to hook everything up, works great on vehicles newer than 2004. Easy to read sensor information, DTC's are not only shown but the description is given as well. Negatives; This unit only works on vehicles newer than 2004.

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    I love mine...

    While I have not tested all the cars/trucks you mentioned I do own a 2001 Dodge Ram 4X4 and have found that MY OBD Link CI connects and functions as it should. It works with the included software and Centerfuse. In Centerfuse I put it as an Elm 327 and get all the reading as well as DTCs (Didn't put my gas cap on tight). I would recommend this to any one and add that mine came with a coupon to upgrade the CI to the OBD Link at a dicounted price if I wasn't happy with it and wanted to get the upgraded one. So I agree with you 99% and love the fact that unlike the cheap e-bay ones you can update/upgrade the Link/CI with new software so this is a future proof purchase.
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      The OBDLINK CI is compatable with the ISO-9141-2 protocol, and I believe that is the only one. This means it will only work on vehicles that support that protocol. You can check's product page for it and it explains it. I got a chance to use one of them, and it was faster on my vehicle than any other scantool I've tried. ISO in and of itself is one of the slower protocols, so the extra speed this tool has over the others is great for my virtual gauges.

      On a related note, I recently got the full obdlink, and it's just as awesome as the CI, except it can read any protocol that is out there..
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