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AT&T Speech To Text For Developers

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  • AT&T Speech To Text For Developers

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    AT&T Has proven speech to text. Their goal is to allow developers to integrate this technology into their apps. This demo is done on a Blackberry but at the show she had an iPhone and an Android device running these same features. Once iPhone has multi tasking it will be able to run in the background.

    Now that a lot of states are instituting strict cell phone laws, this type of technology will really find a home with all kinds of developers.

    Check out Vlingo's blog If you want some serious detail on the matter.

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    I've been using Vlingo on my blackberry for about a year now. Very nice technology. Too bad there's no current API for PC application. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Not very useful without an API. I'd settle for a some sort of open source app for meego though :P
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        Let me do some more research, but I'm pretty sure AT&T does have an API for this. She kept talking about this speech to text isn't an app from AT&T its a technology for developers to use.


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          It's not free so you won't be seeing open anything. There is a free version that supports emails and google searches but the actual sms portion is $7. A very important thing to note is that this is cloud based speech recognition which means you have a big problem if 3g/4g service drops out and you need to send a text (happens a lot when driving depending on where you live).

          Similar tech for pc's is available from at&t but at a much higher licensing fee. Couldn't find anything about Linux availability though.
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