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mp3Car and jr4284 on CNN this AM

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  • mp3Car and jr4284 on CNN this AM

    Local Baltimore Tech Guru and CNN commentator, Mario Armstrong, covered the mp3Car community and Justin Riley's iPad vehicle dock on CNN this morning. Video link here.
    Suggestions or Comments on the forums? Post here.

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    Feel free to pm me if you:
    • Have a general comment on mp3Car's products or services
    • Have a product you would like to have tested by the mp3Car community
    • Have a file you would like mp3Car to host
    • Have a cool idea that would improve the forums

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    That was cool! Called my wife to see it too, it was very clear what it was about ipad in the car...big mp3car logo, so I hope that was good for you guys too, I mean exposure and stuff.
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      very cool. it is nice to see the tech spreading!
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        That's pretty cool.


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          cars connected to the internet 24/7? Silly, just plain silly. Next you'll be chatting with your car over IRC :P.
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            nice...glad to see this becoming a little more mainstream.
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              Wow, this should get us some new blood in the Car PC community! The Car PC hobby seems to have died down over the last year.
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                Gotta thank Heather and the mp3car crew for actually sending me the link! I had no idea. Pretty sweet tho. Mario was ridiculous as always, but it looks like a lot of people checked it out and hopefully made their way over here. Viral marketing is the current way, after all.

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