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  • Paul's Internet Connected Volvo

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, takes a closer look at forum member PaulF's Volvo S60. He vehicle was one of the most 'teched out' at this year's AFKFest 2010.

    One of the main features of his car is the SheevaPlug, which runs 24/7 on an optima battery next to his standard carputer. The SheevaPlug acts as a webserver with a custom Centrafuse app that interacts with it. From the internet, he can turn his lights on, roll up or down his windows, start up his standard computer, and even hit play on his favorite song before he reaches the vehicle. He can even text message his vehicle to do many of these same actions.

    Checkout Parts 2 and 3 below

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    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Rob, you make everyone look so short. I think you need to carry an apple crate around with you so they can stand on it.

    See this is what I like to see. In depth stories are awesome.

    I agree.... My new install is just going to be mounted onto wood. Its to much of a hassle to cram it into a case. Also maintenece is made easier because its all in the open once you open it up.

    Change that [email protected] bezel. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

    So your car is the one to beat.
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      Using the SheevaPlug as an always-on slave computer is just brilliant! I've always thought the SheevaPlug was a neat idea but, since it's so limited in power, storage, USB connectivity, I didn't see much use for it as a replacement for my CarPC. But, thanks to paulf, I see I've been looking at it the wrong way; it's not a replacement, it's in addition to!

      Really an elegant solution.

      But wow...that's a whole lotta wires back there!
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        This was IMHO, the coolest setup at the AFKFest. PaulF has actually done what I've been wanting to do for a while now but haven't actually done it!

        This is definitely the car to beat!

        The sheeva + carpc is a very real and workable solution. But I think that we'll have low enough powered machines in the future (or now if you count the igepv2) that do the functionality of both.
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          Thanks for the compliments guys.

          Haha I have the worst facial expression in the screen cap of the first video. And yes, I know I need to change that damn bezel haha

          Habious, those damn wires are just unavoidable because I have sensors, and devices all over the place. They're a pain, but finally they're somewhat neat.

          You can check out my actual worklog in my signature for some more detail.
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            It was great to see your install in person Paul. I was trying to remember what you said about your data usage per month. Did you say you use $60 a month or 600 MB because of all the syncing you do?